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Page last updated 06/29/11

Announcing new version V 11.3

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Version 11.3 of Al-Muhaddith Search Program

  • Live-Update, similarily to the latest version of Prayer Times Program: The same "Live-Update Engine" is used in both programs.

  • Many new books from various sources will be added on our site. "Yes", we will provide the first group of new books together with this new version insha'allaah.

  • Our project has paid for every new book you will be able to access in shaa'a llaah: Either by hiring people, or by purchasing copyrights from "Dar Al Turath" or other sources.
    As a result, all new books will be encrypted, as well as new versions of current books:
    Our project pays approximately US $90,000 (ninety thousand) yearly costs, yet we have not received a single dollar of contributions yet (except for CDs  purchased at our low price - equal to the CD duplication cost only), despite our enormous popularity, our daily traffic of more than 3000 daily visitors, our daily downloads of several hundred files, our monthly tranfer rate of over 150 Gigabytes.

  • This version of Al Muhaddith Program:

    1. Smart "dictionary on mouse-move"
      What does it consist of?
      Once you are displaying a result, just move the mouse over any word. After a specified number of seconds (which you can control) the familiar yellow "hint" window appears near your mouse cursor, bringing the first dictionary definition available (according to how you organize the order of your dictionaries in the dictionaries' "Options" screen).
      We believe this is extremely convenient, and will be fine-tuning it insha'allaah to provide more relevant results. Because of the huge amount of information in our "lexicons" section, the current "relevancy" of these "mouse-move" results is about 60%, we will try to improve it insha'allaah in later versions.
      We have also added visual improvements to the results-display screen, which we intend to continue in future versions insha'allaah.

    2. Click to see List of our Books
      All books are in Arabic, unless otherwise specified.

  • Guidelines for textual authentication:

    1. Basic Premise:
      Among all nations, Allah has honored the Muslim nation exclusively with "Isnad". 
      Furthermore, the precise hadeeth methodology developed by our scholars, is a firm basis for assessing the validity of texts, and is also unparalleled in any academic disipline among other nations. 
      The classic Islamic texts have received the highest level of service in this respect. Unfortunately, the publishing world has not always kept with those standards.

      Current Status:
      Many books in the Islamic sciences have been published with insufficient or no information to help ascertain the authenticity of texts. This problem is exacerbated when books are published with purely commercial motives, and places readers in a dangerous state of confusion.
      Disparate efforts have been made to authenticate various published editions. Except for a hazy feeling of confidence, which depends on your prior experience with a particular publisher, there seems to be no systematic information for assessing the authenticity of published works. For example, one might find two versions of the same book by different publishers, both claiming authentication work and copyrights, only to discover later that both are offset copies of a third, unnamed original (all containing the same errors), with only changes to a few initial pages. This clearly violates the principle of Amanah (faithfulness) because the reader has absolutely no true information on the actual institution that originally published the work in question. What has therefore been handed to us for free through the lifelong painstaking efforts of our predecessors, is starting to erode under the "commercialization" of these works.

      Our goal:
      One of our main tasks in this expansion plan - insha'a llaah is to develop and adopt a systematic and sound textual authentication process, such as to make this project extremely valuable insha'a llaah, not only because it is comprehensive, easily searchable, and practically costless, but also because of the reliability of its texts.
      One might add that, being a non-profit project, Al-Muhaddith is better positioned for success in this domain than commercial programs. It is not easy to develop an authentication program that can also be a very attractive commercial product.
      Therefore, an integral facet of our goal is to offer the Islamic works on the electronic media to the Muslim nation, while doing our best to authenticate its texts, preserve the faithfulness of transmission (amaanah), and facilitate its widespread use and posession. This would be a great service to the Islamic community, which we will be honored to try to perform with the support of Allaah.

      Various degrees of authentication are under study:

        Simple textual verification, to ascertain that the electronic text corresponds to its printed or manuscript sources.

        A selection, amongst all published versions, of the most reliable one.

        When no published version is reliable or when none exists, a return to available manuscripts.

        If possible, indications of textual variations across different published versions or manuscripts.

        Using Al Muhaddith to provide minor footnoting by the authentication team: Adding brief explanations of difficult words, authenticating some doubtful hadeeth or text, or clarifying potential confusion by providing additional sources or brief discussions.

      A clear, systematic methodology must be adopted to decide, for each book, the degree of authentication to be adopted. Everything else equal, a greater amount of work will have to be done when a text is important and when existing published versions (if any) are not reliable.

      The project aims - insha'a llaah - at continuing to expand Al Muhaddith's library, such as to offer the major works from all Islamic Sciences.

      Specific Results, insha'a llaah:
      So far, our program provides information on the methods used for verification, at the start of its search results for each book.
      Our goal is to describe the authentication method in a more detailed and systematic manner, and to improve the quality of the verification process and of the selection of our source books and manuscripts.

    It is the duty of our teams to capitalize on the gift of major success that Allaah has granted this project so far, and build upon it by doing everything possible, with the great help of Allaah, to implement this goal of "quality" improvement.
    This project will obviously take a lot of effort, but every long trip starts with a first step, and "whoever relies on Allaah, He will be sufficient".
    Wal hamdu lillahi rabil `aalameen.

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