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Historical View

Location:  In Damascus city,  Assroniyeh district, close to the East Gate of Saladin Castle.

Dar Al Hadith was originally the house of Prince Sarem Eddin Qimaz bin Abdullah al Najmi (d. 596 h). King Muzaffar Eddin Mousa bin al Adel, one of the Ayobian Kings, bought the house with the intention to make it a leading institution for teaching Hadith. The house was remodelled and completed in two years (630 H). The institution was headed by Sheikh Taqi Eddin ibn Assalah who is well-known for his work in Hadith: Ibn Asslah Introduction.

One of the big merchants in Damascus, Annizam ibn abi al Hadid, had the honor to keep the shoes of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The will of Annizam was to keep the shoes at Dar al Hadith after his death. They were kept in a wooden box located above the mihrab (Altar).


Dar Al Hadith was burned twice. The first was by the Tatars in the 7th hijri century when Damascus Castle was under seige. The second time was in 1330 H (1912), at the time of the great muhaddith Sheikh Badr Eddin Al Hasani, where his precious books and hand-writings were burned.

King Al Ashraf had two conditions for a suitable Sheikh to head Dar Al Hadith. The first condition was that the Sheikh should have the order of narration (riwayah). Secondly, the Sheikh should have knowlege (dirayah).

Of those who were Heads of Dar Al Hadith:

1- Sheikh Taqi Eddin ibn Assalah: (577-643 H) burried in Sufis Cemetary close to the cemetary of Ibn Taimiyeh.

2- Imad Eddin al Harastani: (d. 662 H)

3- Abu Saamah (599-665 H)

4- Imam Al Nawawi: (631-677 H)

5- Zain Eddin al Fariki (d. 703 H)

6- Ibn al Wakeel: (665-716 H)

7- Al Zamalkani: (666-726 H)

8- Al Sharishi: (653-718 H)

9- Al Mazzi: (654-742 H)

10- Taqi Eddin Al Sibki: (683-756 H)

11- Badru'd Deen al Hasani 1267-1354 H (1850-1935 AD)

12- Abul Khair al Maydaani (1875-1961AD, ?-1380H): (Elected) head or the League of Scholars in Syria. Gave weekly lectures in various Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Daar el Hadeeth.

12- Mahmoud Ba'youn al Rankousi

13- The current director is Sheikh Husain Sa'biyyah who was given the charge by his predecessor Sheikh Mahmoud Ba'youn Rankousi.


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