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  • Non-Profit Project:
    Al Muhaddith Project is a non-profit project.
    The search program (which you can download), and more than 20 of the main Islamic books (which you can download) are free"Waqf" , for the benefit of all Muslims.
    You can also purchase our collection to support the project and obtain more than a hundred additional books.

  • Main Objective:
    Transferring as much as possible of the main Islamic references to the electronic media and facilitating their browsing and searching on that media, as a "running charity" (sadaqah jaariyah), based on the authentic Hadeeth "Whoever establishes a good way (sunnah), will have its reward, as well as the reward of whoever follows it until the Day of Judgment." 

  • Other Goal:
    Offering all Muslims a halaal alternative to software piracy, by offering our free books, in addition to a large number of books at a very low price, made affordable due to the non-profit nature of the project..
    Note: Other commercial software are fine programs, that did cost money and resources. The piracy of such programs is a threat to the important trade of Islamic Software development.
    Each among these programs excels in specialized areas not even addressed by our program. Our nation needs and benefits from strengthening this profession. All Muslims must encourage such products by refraining from pirating them. We hope other developers will continue to provide such excellent products, and sincerely pray Allaah for their continued success, and for the continued support and understanding of all Muslims concerning this piracy issue.

  • Your financial contributions are welcome: The more you assist us financially (through purchases and contributions), the more books we can added, and the easier it becomes for the project to become self-sustaining.

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