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  • Fast "Index Search" or "Brute Force" Text Search.
  • "Index Search" possible for English, Arabic and numbers.
  • Double click on any word to get its definition from provided dictionaries.
  • Add your books (in TXT format): Program will search them too.
  • All books are in TXT format, software developers (commercial or non-profit) are welcome to use them (except for a few books which are not permitted for commercial use without the consent of their authors, as noted in their "headers").
  • Program and all books can be downloaded free of charge.
  • Our own Prayer Times Program, with several Azhans.
  • Get CD-Rom (includes all books and indexes).

System Requirements

  • CPU/RAM: 486 PC or later, with 128MB Ram (Pentium w/256 MB preferred).   This is not the TOTAL RAM in your PC, but the FREE RAM available after loading DOS, windows, and other startup programs.
  • Mouse
  • Sound Card (to hear the Azhan within our Prayer Times Program).
  • DISK SPACE: 1,500 MB approx to contain all books.
    Arabic-Win95, Arabic-Win98, ArabicWin/NT, Windows-2000, WinXP.

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